Szenisches Lernen


Theaterarbeit im DaF-Unterricht

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Dr. Dieter Kirsch

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ISBN 978-3-19-051751-0

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Teachers for German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language

Using theatre techniques in teaching Deutsch als Fremdsprache is an attempt to relieve its rigidity and dependence on exam preparation and levels of competence and to provide a holistic foundation free of too much emphasis on intellect alone.

Based on everyday teaching practice in the classroom, the book shows how a change in perception can make things different. What, for example, happens when texts are used as scripts for acting and not as a source of learning grammar structures?

Szenisches Lernen provides a collection of recipes that utilise theatre techniques for classroom teaching and show how successful they can be in adding value to the learning process, it being relatively easy to develop a theatre performance from a lesson and to demonstrate to other classes, parents or the general public what language teaching can achieve – an aspect which is becoming politically ever more important.

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