Multiple Intelligenzen im DaF-Unterricht


Aktivitäten für die Sekundarstufe und den Erwachsenenunterricht

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Dr. Herbert Puchta, Dr. Wilfried Krenn, Mario Rinvolucri

Multiple Intelligenzen
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ISBN 978-3-19-031751-6

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Target group: This German version of „Multiple Intelligences“ will interest all language-course teachers at any level, teacher trainers and students of German as a Foreign Language.

Good teachers love their subject, but also know that not every student shares their enthusiasm. The concept of multiple intelligences enables them to approach students whose strengths lie outside linguistic abilities in a more systematic way. The book contains a large number of different activities that can be used to invite students to employ those areas of their intelligence in which they are strong, as well as to develop further other areas in which they may be weaker and thus to intensify, accelerate and improve their learning process. Activities that appeal to different forms of intelligence enable teachers to recognize and assess students’ strengths that may otherwise remain hidden. As a result, students will feel appreciated and much better motivated.

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