Order process – place order easily and conveniently

Important note for booksellers, resellers and distributors: Since invoicing for shop sales is done automatically, no special conditions for re-sale can be considered at the moment. Please send your order together with your trade-/customer-no. directly to: orders@hueber.de .

1. Order item / add to shopping cart

Select the products which you wish to order by clicking on the "Add to shopping cart" button.

Items which are marked with can be ordered as specimens with a 20% reduction (plus shipping costs) by teachers. Each teacher is only allowed to order one specimen per item. If you are a new customer of Hueber, we require written evidence of your teaching activities with the first order. For this purpose you can use our prepared school stamp form.

In the shopping cart you have the option to change the order quantity or to order items as specimens. To do so enter the desired change and then click on "Update Shopping Cart”. In addition you can remove items from your shopping cart at any time.

Then click on the button “Proceed to checkout".

2. How would you like to checkout? / Billing and Shipping Information

As a new customer in our web shop you can choose from two options:
1. Checkout as guest
2. Register
Then click on the button “Continue” to go to the next order stage.
Enter your billing address.If you have chosen the option “Register” you also have to enter a password here. By doing so your data is saved by us, allowing you a fast and easy order process in the future as well as access to your previous orders and their status. You receive an e-mail confirmation for your registration.
If you would like to enter a different delivery address, select the option “Ship to different address" at the end of the form.
Then click on the button “Continue” to go to the next order stage.
If necessary you should now enter a different delivery address.

As a registered customer in our online shop or with “My Hueber” you can log-in using your e-mail address and password. Your data is then stored and can be supplemented by you if necessary.

Please be aware that you can only buy digital download and online products as a registered customer.

3. Shipping & Handling Fees

Here you can obtain information about the shipping & handling fees incurred.
Please be aware that payment of any necessary customs duty or VAT is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your local customs authority for further information.
By clicking on the "Continue" button you go to the next order stage.

4. Select payment method

Next, select the desired payment method. The available payment methods are payment on invoice, payment by credit card (VISA or MasterCard), Paypal, direct debit and payment in advance.
Orders of digital download and online products are only possible after payment by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or Paypal.

By clicking on the "Continue" button you go to the next order stage.

5. Complete order

Here you receive an overview of the order: the selected products as well as the delivery and processing costs. In the right column you have an overview of the billing and shipping addresses, the shipping & handling fees as well as the selected form of payment. Check that all the details are correct and please read our General Terms and Conditions as well as the right of cancellation and agree to them. In case you buy a download, please note that you must explicitly provide your consent in the order summary for downloads to be made available before the cancellation period expires – i.e. immediately and that by providing your consent in this manner, you lose your right of cancellation for downloaded products.

By clicking on the button “Order with an Obligation to Pay” you complete your order and thereby place a legally-binding order.

After sending the order you receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail includes all the central data and provisions about the order, including the General Terms and Conditions and the right of cancellation.

If you have ordered downloads or online-products, they are now available in your user account under “My Downloadable Products”. From there you can download your article within a year up to five times or download your activation code for the online-products at the platforms "Schooltas",  "Languagenut" and "LEO". If you have bought the online-app "Drop-a-word", you will shortly be receiving a separate email enabling you to activate it.

6. Further questions?

If you have questions about your order, please contact us by e-mail at kundenservice@hueber.de or use our contact form.