1. Lukas und Lili

    Children's Book German-Spanish with Audio-CD

  2. Lukas und Lili

    Children's Book German-Russian with Audio-CD

  3. Lukas und Lili

    Children's Book German-French with Audio-CD

  4. Lukas und Lili

    Children's Book German-English with Audio-CD

Lukas und Lili

Children's Book German-Italian with Audio-CD

Traute Kolbe, Tom Schenk

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ISBN 978-3-19-919594-8

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Target group: Children aged 4 and upwards

How can a little predatory fish find friends? Luke, the pike, is looking for one. One day Lily crosses his path. The little duckling has just lost her family. Luke promises to help her find them, but asks her to promise him something, too.

Will she keep her promise?

Colorful, expressive illustrations tell a story of friendship, prejudice, understanding and forgiving.

On the audio-cd the story is read out by native speakers in several languages.

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