Broken Wings

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James Roy

Broken Wings Pak., Level 6
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Level: B1

ISBN 978-3-19-832960-3

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6. Lernjahr / 10. Klasse
2.000 Wörter


Kurz vor den Weihnachtsferien fliegen die Zwillinge Angela und Simon von ihrem Internat in Perth nach Hause ins westaustralische Outback. Eric, der Pilot, leidet an Diabetes. Als er plötzlich bewusstlos wird, muss Simon das Flugzeug mitten in der Wüste notlanden. Hilfe naht von unerwarteter Seite.

James Roy spent much of his childhood living amongst the islands of the South Pacific, where he discovered an early love for books and adventure. This ultimately led him to turn his hand to writing fiction for young people. He lives with his family in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. He is author of Broken Wings.

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