Deutschfuchs Single


German as a foreign language / second language

Carolin Aschemeier (Hrsg.)

Deutschfuchs Single

Uncomplicated cancellation and subscription management: You can cancel the subscription at any time up to one day before the end of the term simply by clicking on the cancellation button in the user account. Otherwise, the subscription will be renewed for the selected term.
Payment method: The subscription amount is collected by credit card at the beginning of each term. The term begins immediately after purchase.
As low as €25.00
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Available via Hueber Verlag everywhere except: Japan

Level: A1 to B2

ISBN 978-3-19-102020-0

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Deutschfuchs Single - The subscription solution for one teacher with course(s).

If you as an institution would like to take out a subscription for several teachers, please contact our

Deutschfuchs - ideal for online and blended learning

Our partner Deutschfuchs offers you authentic and creative teaching materials for DaF/DaZ lessons - online or offline as copy templates:

• practically prepared for levels A1 - B2

• with extra DaZ section for levels A1 - A2

• over 12,000 interactive exercises and games

• always current and new materials through regular updates

• professionally dubbed vocabulary and conjugations

• exercises and word lists including translations for numerous Hueber textbooks

• Editor for creating your own interactive exercises and worksheets

• easy internal differentiation in heterogeneous learning groups

• including simple student administration, detailed performance statistics and self-study area

• with built-in video conferencing tool; however, other screen sharing tools such as Skype can easily be used as well

• hands-on communication via chat with class and individual learners

• translations into 23 different source languages


Deutschfuchs - also available with your textbook!

Deutschfuchs also offers custom-fit exercises and word lists incl. translations to the textbooks: Beste Freunde, Menschen, Starten wir!, Momente, Schritt für Schritt in Alltag und Beruf, Schritte international Neu, Schritte plus Neu Austria, Schritte plus Neu Switzerland and Schritte plus Neu.