Schritte international im Beruf 2-6

Practice Book

Aktuelle Lesetexte aus Wirtschaft und Beruf

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Wiebke Heuer, Edith Schober, Wolfgang Baum, Ulrike Haas, Raffaella Pepe

Schritte int. i.B., Akt. Texte...
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Level: A1.2 to B1.2

ISBN 978-3-19-661851-8

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Twenty specially written reading texts on topics from the world of work and business are followed by tasks and exercises and an answer key making these materials suitable both for classroom use and self-study.

This reader with its full colour photos and illustrations encourages students to improve their reading competence and increase their background knowledge of the worlds of work and business.

The book includes four reading texts per level practising and revising the vocabulary and structures in Schritte international.

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