Fräulein Else

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Arthur Schnitzlers Novelle neu erzählt

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Urs Luger

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ISBN 978-3-19-201673-8

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In the early 1920s, Fräulein Else, the 19-year-old daughter of a Viennese lawyer goes on holiday. Relatives take the beautiful young woman to a wonderful hotel in the Italian alps. She likes it there and when she sees all the young men, thoughts of love are not far away ... and other things, too. But then an express letter arrives and Else´s world is turned upside down. Her father needs 30.000 guilders. If he can’t get hold of them immediately, he and his family will be ruined. In Vienna no one is prepared to lend him any more money. But staying at Else’s hotel is an elderly gentleman, Herr von Dorsday – a friend of the family and an admirer of beautiful young girls. What? Else is supposed to ask him for the money? HIM?

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