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Lucky for Some

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Paula Smith

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ISBN 978-3-19-322976-2

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2. Lernjahr / 6. Klasse
500 Wörter

Social Issues / Mystery / Adventure

Nach dem Umzug in eine andere Stadt fängt Madison an, in einem neuen Basketball-Team zu spielen. Bisher war sie eine gute Spielerin – doch auf einmal scheint nichts mehr zu klappen. Liegt es vielleicht an ihrem Trikot mit der Nummer 9? Das Trikot wird im ganzen Team als „unglückbringend“ angesehen. Madison wird neugierig und möchte die geheimnisvolle Geschichte ihres Trikots herausfinden …

Paula Smith was born in England in 1962. In 1996 she moved to Australia with her partner. They settled in Sydney. She got a job at the Australian National Maritime Museum as an Education Officer and also bought a business tutoring students in English and Maths. In 2002 she gave birth to her son, followed a year later by her daughter. She sold the business to become a stay at home mother. She used that time to write Lucky for Some, Shopping for Trouble, The Secret in the Farmhouse, The Art Show and A Second Chance. She now lives in Newcastle, north of Sydney, looking after her children and writing, with plans to return to teaching soon.

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