Lese- und Lernprofi 2 – Schülerarbeitsheft – silbierte Ausgabe

Reading Booklet

Sinnerfassend lesen lernen mit Fredi, der Leseratte

Christa Koppensteiner, Christl Meixner

Lese- und Lernprofi 2, Schülerarbeitsh.
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ISBN 978-3-19-759597-9

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2nd school year

The ability to understand the general sense of a text forms the basis for every learning process. Only if you have grasped the basic meaning, can you then solve the tasks that follow.

In the series "Lese- und Lernprofi" the acquisition of reading competency is cleverly combined with the systematic practice of learning techniques and strategies:

• numerous exercises practising reading for gist

• practising answering comprehension questions,solving puzzles, finding synonyms, finding rhymes, logical thinking

• familiarisation with different text types and literary genres

• colour illustrations facilitate access to the texts and increase motivation

• syllablised edition with syllable separation in blue/red