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deutsch rapid

Package - German-English

A German Self-Study Course for Beginners

Renate Luscher

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Level: leads to A1

ISBN 978-3-19-007463-1

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Target group: all learners requiring the basics for everyday use in as short a time as possible

Content: 15 chapters with dialogues describing people at work, out shopping, talking about their jobs, their families, cars, holidays, money and many other topics. The conversations are recorded twice: once slowly and then at normal speed, so that learners can pick up any important grammatical structures involved.

The grammar is clearly depicted on a DIN A3-format poster.
On the audio CDs students hear a motivating introduction to the course in their mother tongue as well as dialogues with commentaries, instructions on studying vocabulary and grammar, and the exercises.

A written test in the accompanying booklet at the end of each chapter helps to monitor progress and provides advice on how to improve.

The vocabulary used amounts to approx. 600 words and phrases.

Package with 2 Audio-CDs, accompanying booklet and A3-size grammar poster