Sag's besser! (Teil 1)

Arbeitsbuch für Fortgeschrittene

Dr. Hans Földeak

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Level: B1 to C2

ISBN 978-3-19-007453-2

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The focus is on enhancing proficiency in written and oral expression as well as style. Already acquired knowledge of grammar is practised at the intermediate level.

Exercises are focussed on function and form diversity of verbs, nouns, prepositions and subordinate clause structure.

Exercise goals:
- strengthening and broadening knowledge of grammar
- expanding vocabulary
- improving oral and written expression, also for native speakers

Main exercise focus:
- function and form diversity of verbs, noun construction, prepositions
- sentence structure with conjugations; building and re-arrangement of subordinate clauses
- improving expression through sentence and text structure

Useful for:
- for self-study with the use of the key for exam preparation or a visit to Germany
- supports or enhances coursework in advanced language courses

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