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KIKUS Deutsch

Worksheets 1

Sprachen lernen im Vor- und Grundschulalter
Deutsch als Fremdsprache/Deutsch als Zweitsprache

Dr. Edgardis Garlin, Dr. Stefan Merkle

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ISBN 978-3-19-321431-7

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KIKUS Worksheet Sets (for the children)

The worksheets can be used in class or for homework with parent involvement.

The latter has one great advantage: what’s done in class can be repeated and consolidated at home. At the same time, the worksheets provide children and parents with both a reason and an opportunity to talk about the lessons in the language they use within the family. As a result, their newly acquired knowledge of the target language is better established cognitively and both languages or even several languages can benefit mutually from the experience.

Three sets of worksheets printed on A4 format card covering 20 topics are available in loose-leaf folders. Printed in full colour, they provide an ideal platform for painting, colouring, cutting and glueing together – and especially for speaking.

Beginners should start with Set 1. The other sets can be used subsequently.

Worksheets 1 – recommended for children aged 3 and upwards
Worksheets 2 – recommended for children aged 4 and upwards
Worksheets 3 – recommended for children aged 5 and upwards

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ISBN 978-3-19-321431-7

Includes: 25 sheets

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