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Erster Kontakt Deutsch für Kinder

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Gabriele Kopp, Josef Alberti, Siegfried Büttner, Dr. Renate Zschärlich

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ISBN 978-3-19-051665-0

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Target group: six to eight-year-old children learning to read and write using Roman script or those who have learnt to read and write using another system

Content: The course practises initial vocabulary and simple structures in an entertaining way and introduces the letters of the Roman alphabet. The course starts with a “Getting-to-know-you Game”. This is followed by games, songs, stories in comic form, short dialogues or sketches to be acted out, as well as stories for listening and rhymes. The children learn simple phrases and vocabulary to suit different situations. Pronunciation practice is included. The Cassettes/Audio-CDs include all dialogues, scenes, listening texts, songs and pronunciation exercises. The Workbook contains material on cultural background and for cutting out (e.g. patterns for finger puppets and word cards). The Teacher’s Book contains the whole of the course and is an essential part of the concept.

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