Workbook with Audio-CD

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Anna Breitsameter, Jacqueline Aßmann, Lina Pilypaitytė, Sara Vicente, Carmen Cristache

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Level: leads to B1

ISBN 978-3-19-011660-7

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Workbook with audio CD:
The Workbook is used for consolidating and repetition of the study material in the Coursebook. The broad range of exercises comprises contrastive exercises in addition to exercises for grammar, vocabulary and verbal expressions, enabling comparisons with a previously acquired foreign language and the native language. There are also exercises on phonetics and vocabulary as well as tasks for self-testing and evaluation. These last points allow for the portfolio concept of the European Reference Framework.

A four-page plateau at the end of each module can be used either for self-study or in the classroom. Here, the subjects and learning material of the entire module are repeated – with a focus on skills training and additional cultural information. There is a project suggestion at the close of each module which is designed for timing and content so that it fits into classroom work.

sample pages / download: