1. Was Besonderes

    Children's Book German-Italian with Audio-CD in eight languages

  2. Was Besonderes

    Children's Book German-Turkish with Audio-CD in eight languages

  3. Was Besonderes

    Children's Book German-Greek with Audio-CD in eight languages

  4. Was Besonderes

    Kinderbuch Deutsch-Arabisch mit Audio-CD in acht Sprachen

Was Besonderes

Children's Book German-Spanish with Audio-CD in eight languages

Lena Hesse

Bi:libri, Was Besonderes, dt.-span.
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ISBN 978-3-19-929595-2

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Target group: Children aged 3 and upwards

The little fly, Paul, can do a lot of tricks and he’s convinced that he is something really special. When Martha the tortoise gets tired of watching him, Paul suddenly realizes that there might be more important things in life.

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