Adventure in the Alps



Pauline Francis


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ISBN 978-3-19-962960-3

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1. Lernjahr / 5. Klasse
300 Wörter

Friendship / Adventure

Lisa macht einen Skikurs in den Alpen. Ausgerechnet Tom, den sie heimlich bewundert, verspottet sie wegen ihrer Unsicherheit auf den Skiern. Doch als sich Tom auf einer schwierigen Piste verletzt, ist er auf Lisas Hilfe angewiesen. Und Lisa ist ganz auf sich allein gestellt ...

Pauline Francis has spent all her life with books: reading them, studying them (when she was at University), translating them (when she lived in Africa), teaching them (when she was a French teacher) and working with them (when she was a school librarian). One day – about ten years ago – she thought: I’d like to write them. So she did! Pauline is married with two grown-up children, and enjoys going to the cinema and the theatre or anywhere where she can watch other people. She lives in Hertfordshire and Norfolk.

Pauline does all kinds of writing: stories for young people learning English as a foreign language, including Adventure in the Alps, The Football Match and Pirates!

Product information

ISBN 978-3-19-962960-3

Includes: 32 pages

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