1. Schritte international Neu 1

    Glossar XXL Deutsch-Tschechisch – Německo-český slovníček

  2. Schritte international Neu 1

    PDF-Download Glossar XXL Deutsch-Spanisch – Alemán-Español

  3. Schritte international Neu 1

    Glossar XXL Deutsch-Spanisch – Alemán-Español

Schritte international Neu 1

Coursebook+ Workbook + CD for the Workbook

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Daniela Niebisch, Sylvette Penning-Hiemstra, Angela Pude, Franz Specht, Monika Bovermann, Monika Reimann

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Available via Hueber Verlag everywhere except: United Kingdom

Level: leads to A1/1

ISBN 978-3-19-301082-7

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+ sample pages / download / audio samples/files


- all lessons follow the same clear pattern giving learners a high level of awareness of their progress

- new audio-photo stories to begin each unit

- interesting texts and a variety of cultural background material

- inductive grammar facilitates cognition and comprehension

- preparation for the everyday world of work via increased emphasis on vocational topics

- learner autonomy boosted by a double page of grammar and speech functions with exercises and learners tips at the end of each unit

- learner awareness via learning objectives with the possibility of self-evaluation

- flexible extension of lesson content using the „Zwischendurch mal …“ pages

- App: all of the audio files and films for the coursebook are available via mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet-PC)


- practice and revision exercises at different levels of difficulty for differentiation purposes

in class

- systematically planned writing practice

- vocabulary practice for specific vocabulary acquisition

- detailed phonetics programme

- exam tasks

- progress test for self-evaluation and follow-up practice material

- integrated pages with special focus on specific vocational topics

sample pages / download:

audio samples/files: