1. Planet Plus A2.2

    2 Audio-CDs for the Coursebook, 1 Audio-CD for the Workbook

Planet Plus A2.2


Deutsch für Jugendliche

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Gabriele Kopp, Josef Alberti, Siegfried Büttner

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Level: leads to A2.2

ISBN 978-3-19-001781-2

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Available as a single volume or as two volumes in one package per level:

• modular structure: each of the four modules consists of three short lessons dealing with a topic and a modular story

• clear introduction to the topic: the picture-text combination illustrates the module's content and lists the learning objectives

• high level of transparency: alongside the task the learning objectives appear systematically ordered in an extra column

• a variety of exercises:

• all the skills practised in equal measure and previous knowledge revised. Self-evaluation possible in a lot of exercise material.

• diverse rubrics: the final pages of each module have tasks on reading texts, cultural background, project work and communication as well as a summary of the grammar and vocabulary

• the preliminary pages of the coursebook practise language using international expressions

• a wide range of magazine-type pages in the appendix: Games relevant to lesson content, interesting factual information about feast days and festivities

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