1. Miteinander Spanische Ausgabe

    Spanish Edition - Book with 1 MP3-CD

  2. Miteinander Englische Ausgabe

    English Edition - Book with 4 Audio-CDs

  3. Miteinander Russische Ausgabe

    Russian Edition - Book with 4 Audio-CDs

  4. Miteinander Ausgabe Thai

    Thai Edition - Book with 4 Audio-CDs

Miteinander Türkische Ausgabe

Turkish Edition - Book with 4 Audio-CDs

Selbstlernkurs Deutsch für Anfänger – Yeni Başlayanlar Için Kendi Kendine Almanca Öğrenme Kursu

Hartmut Aufderstraße, Jutta Müller, Thomas Storz

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Level: leads to A1

ISBN 978-3-19-109509-3

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The new series Miteinander has been specially designed to meet the needs of the Start Deutsch 1 examination. The Turkish edition of Miteinander concentrates specifically on the skills necessary to pass the exam (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Each coursebook begins with a zero lesson to help reduce any misgivings or uncertainty. From then on, it accompanies learners in 25 units with audio materials in their mother tongue on their way to level A1.

Includes a download for grammar with tests at www.hueber.de/miteinander (free of charge) in German.

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