Stars of Tomorrow



Alan C. McLean

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Level: A1

ISBN 978-3-19-018668-6

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1. Lernjahr / 5. Klasse
300 Wörter

Friendship / Mystery

Ellen, 15, schreibt tolle Songs und spielt wunderbar Gitarre. Das findet zumindest ihre Freundin Holly. Doch beim Vorsingen für einen Fernsehwettbewerb gehen Ellen die Nerven durch. Holly dagegen kommt ins Finale – mit einem Lied von Ellen. Wer ist der wirkliche Sieger im Wettbewerb?

Alan C McLean is an experienced author and editor and has worked for a number of publishers. He is the author of a number of readers, both original and simplified, at levels from starter to advanced: the most recent of these is the original title, Mystery at Lion Rock in the Hueber Lektüren Englisch series. Other titles by Mr McLean in this series are: The Right Team and Stars of Tomorrow.
Alan’s interests include music (he is a pianist and recently gained the Diploma of the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music) and a variety of sports, of which golf, swimming, and cycling are the most significant.

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