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Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Anta Kursiša, Lina Pilypaitytė, Erna Szakály, Sara Vicente

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Level: leads to A1

ISBN 978-3-19-001658-7

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Target group: Teenagers and young adults without previous knowledge in Germany and abroad


Study Target: Leads up to level A1 of the European Reference Framework in three volumes and prepares for the exams Fit in Deutsch 1.

deutsch.com is developed by a young, dynamic team of authors supported by Prof. Gerd Neuner, Ph.D., as consultant and collaborator.

deutsch.com stands for the idea of the General European Reference Framework – the basic leitmotif of multilingualism!
Learning German happens "inside the heads" of students in a context of multilingualism. This means that any already acquired foreign language as well as the native language can be used to learn a further language. Therefore, the teaching of a language as well as learning it must be perceived within this context. The goal is to offer efficient as well as time-saving teaching and learning methods.

deutsch.com actively involves students in teaching as well as learning!
Pre-existing linguistic knowledge in the native tongue and an already acquired foreign language is activated and transferred. Similarities and differences are identified and recognized. This is true for basic vocabulary as well as elementary knowledge of grammar. Already acquired study techniques and strategies are brought to consciousness, applied and expanded.

deutsch.com is at home in the world of young people!
deutsch.com offers a broad panorama of lifestyles and realities of young people in Germany presented from surprising perspectives, yet still conforms to the subjects of the different levels. Thus, the course transfers cultural information within a teenage context. Modern texts, some taken from the Internet (Internet portals and profiles, chats, forums, and blogs) present authentic German usage.


deutsch.com follows a task-oriented, communicative approach which deliberately includes multilingual strategies. Receptive and productive skills are developed in the learning process from the start. Grammar, vocabulary and styles of verbal expression are systematically developed within a framework of gradual progression. The clear categorization of the short and self-explanatory tasks in line with skills and study targets (hearing, reading, speaking, writing; grammar, vocabulary) creates transparency and enables easy orientation.

Structure of the Coursebook

– The 18 lessons in each volume are clearly structured into 6 modules.

– Module 1 – the Starter Module – uses already acquired language potentials in order to build up basic subject and word groups as well as first expression styles. The three lessons in the starter module each consist of 2 double pages.

The lessons in modules 2 to 6 are each comprised of 6 pages: 2 double pages, 1 magazine page and 1 overview page. The double pages systematically built up grammar, vocabulary and verbal expressions at the individual levels.

The magazine page contains additional cultural information, motivating students with teen-appropriate subjects and content. The focus of the magazine pages is on skills training. The overview page gives a summary of the learning material, discretionary explanations as well as the learning vocabulary of the lesson.

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